Window Blinds and Curtains for Schools and Education

We’ve been supplying Schools & Higher Education facilities for 30 years and know that child-safe facilities have particular demands both on our Products and Your Time.

Products Suited to You
  • We choose Blinds & Curtains that are ideally suited to School Environments with a strong Emphasis on Child Protection. We know that Child Safety (Whilst retaining Affordability) is a Top Priority for You.
Tough & Reliable
  • School is a Tough Environment. We offer Vandal Proof school blinds… products that can stand up to the roughest of treatment. We know that you don’t have the time or ability to deal with needlessly complex blind systems, especially when Students are involved- Rugged Simplicity is needed.
Full Checking
  • All of our Site Staff are DBS Checked for Work onsite & in the school day if need be. We are aware of the need for security & assurance in today’s enviroment.
Flexibility & Experience
  • Often the best time to schedule Work is during Holidays- we are aware of this and are flexible with timing and scheduling of Jobs so Installation can be completed without disruption to learning. We have experience with Stage Curtains & Blackout Curtain also, so we can cover your whole Spectrum of Needs.

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