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Carefully built to exacting standards

Valley Blinds range of roller blinds are carefully built to exacting standards, giving years of trouble-free service. Our range includes sun-screen, black-out and energy saving blinds. The superior design features and quality components enable these roller blinds to be confidently specified for the most demanding public building and office environments.

Our roller blind fabrics range encompasses a vast selection of materials, many of which are flame-retardant to government standards. These include dim-out and black-out fabrics. Also the energy saving range that includes solar reflective, heat control, sun-screen and solar film.


Many of our roller blinds feature vandal-resistant controls and mechanisms, and are frequently to be seen in hospitals, schools, colleges and other public buildings, as well as in office, commercial and residential applications.

Valley Blinds is a London based manufacturer. The selection of roller blinds that we offer is one of the most comprehensive available, ranging from miniature spring rollers for door vision panels to heavy-duty electric blinds for large glazed areas.

All of our roller blinds are designed to require low maintenance. The components and mechanisms are made from durable materials and will not corrode in normal use. In the event of damage most components are easily replaceable. Fabrics are designed to have high levels of stability and colour fastness.

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