Cubicle Curtain Tracks - Movatrack

A Leading brand of Cubicle Track

Movatrack cubicle track systems are in use in many hospitals throughout the world, including major London hospitals. Movatrack is now firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle curtain tracks, due to its unique blend of properties – innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliabilty.

Many specifiers now insist on Movatrack, citing both its inherent design strengths and its long-term cost effectiveness. It is the only track on the market with roller wheel curtain hooks fitted as standard, giving two distinct advantages: free-running curtains, and zero maintenance. Even after years of intensive use, curtains on Movatrack roller hooks do not jam, and the tracks never need lubricating – only normal cleaning procedures are necessary.


Despite Movatrack’s slim and attractive appearance it is one of the strongest and safest tracks available. The rigid, high-grade aluminium profile will span 3m with ease, and the wall fittings are manufactured from die-cast aluminium rather than plastic. Designed from the outset with infection control in mind, the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel, and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.