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Meeting Heathcare Needs for 30 years, supplying numerous NHS Trusts & Facilities- See How Below.

Why You should use Valley Blinds for your Next Project:

  • We know that in Commerical Projects, the appearance of Blinds & Curtains are very important to the overally aestheic of the rooom- We have a very wide range Stylistic Options & Custom Blinds can be fabricated for almost any need. We can fit almost any specification & fabric.
  • We know that you need Technical Integration, especially when dealing with Disparate Systems- we have 30 years+ of experience dealing with these kind of needs.
  • We know that in these kind of projects we are required to work with Multiple Levels of Personnel (Architects, Owners, Contractors, Site Managers etc). We can tailior our approach according to your demands.
  • You need action fast- we can deliver.
  • We have a keen awareness of timing in your fit out process- we know that you need suppliers to be flexible and able to schedule installation at the right stage.
  • You can be certaint of delivery- we’ve been supplying blinds into places like Spotify, IBM & Huawei for many years.

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