Hospital Blinds – Blinds & Curtains For Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Meeting Heathcare needs for over 30 years, supplying numerous NHS Trusts & Facilities with window blinds and curtains.

Proven Products For Hospitals & Healthcare
  • In a hospital you need to know that your blinds and curtains will work well in the arduous conditions, both for the long term and under low-maintenance. We only use proven products for the demanding needs of medical and care facilities and should any issue arise, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to fix or replace, whatever happens.
Blinds and Curtains for Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Centres – A Fast and Reliable Service
  • We recognise that in hospitals and medical facilities time is of the essence and window blinds must work very efficiently. Service and maintenance, as well as product installation, must all be fast and reliable. We are also aware of the urgency when replacing hospital blinds or privacy curtains in active, high pressure areas such as A&E wards. You can be assured that the superior speed and flexibility that we provide to many other NHS Trusts across the UK, will also be available to you.
Patient Privacy
  • In medical environments patient privacy is always a number one priority. It should never be compromised by inferior products, untrained installation staff, or while maintenance is being performed. That’s why we only supply hospital blinds and curtains that will meet the stringent requirements and our fitters have long experience working in hospital wards and other sensitive areas.
Infection Control & Compliance
  • Infection control is essential for every aspect of a medical facility. That’s why over the years we have gained an excellent understanding and experience in the varying aspects of infection control. Our hospital blinds cannot be the weak link that allows for spread, so we use techniques and products to minimise this risk as much as possible. You can have peace of mind that we have it covered.
  • Compliance is a high priority in any modern healthcare facility. We know that CQC requirements are necessary, yet demanding. So our products are compliant from the ground up and we are able to move fast to ensure compliance, in cases of short term demand.

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